Are you ready to watch dragon ball z?

Dragon Ball is probably one of the most popular anime shows that have hit the world. Fans from all over the globe have been very excited when it comes to the live action adaptation of the movie. However, many were also disappointed because the first movie isn’t up to par and made unnecessary changes especially to the characters. What the fans want is a movie that stays true to what the original story had to offer and give life to its interesting and powerful characters. In order to do justice to the characters, you can find that there are plans for a new movie coming up.

Will fans be more disappointed with a new movie?

Basically, the 2009 version didn’t make it through the fiery reactions of the viewers, now two aspiring filmmakers namely Harry and George Kirby made it a point to make their very own Dragon Ball Z fan video. You can now watch dragon ball z fan video that they made. They run a small video production company that is located in the UK. They have been in the producing, directing, shooting and editing business for about five years and are confident that they can give the needed justice to the Dragon Ball franchise. As fans of the show itself, they were also disappointed with the Hollywood version and they have set their minds to shoot an extended live action fan trailer for Dragon Ball Z.


Fans alike are also on the edge of their seats to watch out for the fan made video. It isn’t going to hit the big screens in any way but many fans agree that the fan made trailer has given life to the franchise and hopes that this can aspire movie makers to create a better version of the live action. Fans all over the world are still hoping that they will be able to see an action packed and awesome Dragon Ball Z movie that would put any superhero movies nowadays to shame.

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